Every participant’s experience is unique and may depend on many things, such as their sensitivity and openness to the energy, and on what that person needs to experience in this moment in their personal expansion process.


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Frequencies from the Stars

During an energy session we bring together heaven and Earth; frequencies from the stars are anchored unto the human experience and unto Gaia (Earth). During a session, a lot more occurs than what is tangible or can be put into words, since the energy moves in different planes of existence, both Judith’s and the participants’, creating a Synergy, a conscious connection that may reconnect you to your truth, but above all, to peace and tranquility.

By Judith Zavala

During both group or individual sessions, it is possible that the channeling of Pleiadian Chants or Light Language (healing and liberating energy in the form of sound) will come through Judith. We simply flow with the energy that the light beings and angels, assisting the participants during each session, channel through us.

Some events are organized by the One Light Synergy team, in others, Judith is hosted by people who resonate with her work and want to experience this energy in their city. If you don´t find an event near you, you can always book a distance energy session online.



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