Soul Readings


By Roberto Zavala

Ah'n Aeterea is a channeled work structure developed by Roberto Zavala and can be translated as "Connecting with the Soul and everything that is involved, through the etheric plane of existence". During a session, Roberto connects with your Soul through your Spirit Guides and they assist you with information/energy specifically tailored for you to help you understand and transcend blockages that may be keeping you from living a life of happiness, balance, peace, abundance and love, that life that we all strive for.                   

The information/energy that is presented helps you understand the reason why you are experiencing whatever personal processes you may be going through, how and what for you are experiencing them and once they give you such context, your Spirit Guides can provide you with a specific guide on how you can work through such processes and release yourself from blocking energies.

Some topics that have been addressed in past Ah'n Aeterea sessions are: fears of different kinds and on many levels, letting go of guilt, resentment and other toxic emotions towards the consultants themselves and towards other people, exploration of past lives, soul contracts, karmic cycles, toxic personal relationships (with family members, couples, friends, coworkers, etc.), development of gifts or abilities the consultant may have, physical conditions and their connection with constant thoughts, emotions and stuck energy in the consultant, helping the consultant connect with their Spirit Guides, exploration of dense energies that may be blocking or slowing down the consultant's evolutionary process, to name a few.

During a session your Spirit Guides determine what information is and isn't relevant for you at this present moment of your evolutionary process and in what order is such information presented to you, so Roberto can't really see anything that they consider is not for him to see.

If you would like to take a session, the following is highly recommended to avoid as much as possible any potential blockages in the flow of information:

- Contemplate before taking the session what issues or topics you would like to work with.

- Try as much as possible not to generate any expectations towards the session and the information/energy that could be presented to you.

- Book a session for a date and time where you are totally free of any engagements or distractions so you can invest your entire attention to the session. A quiet, comfortable place where you could sit or lay down is also recommended.

- Allow yourself to be open to a new experience, to the information and above all, allow yourself to be open to work on your processes.


Ah'n Aeterea's sessions last approximately 1 and a half hour and can be done via phone call if you live in Mexico, United States or Canada or via WhatsApp call for any other country. You could also take them on-site in the northern part of Mexico City. The cost of a session is $44USD transferable via PayPal and cash, deposit or wire transfer from a Mexican bank account.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, you can contact Roberto at or at +52 1 55 2563 2909 (WhatsApp) and he will reply as soon as possible.