Tameana is a Pleiadian energetic healing technique channeled by Juan Manuel Giordano from Argentina and taught by Judith in both English and Spanish. This technique has the capacity to concentrate a large amount of high frequency energy in a controlled environment or closed circuit comprised of quartz crystal tips. This high frequency energy has the ability to remove blockages from a patient’s energetic field, taking him or her to a place of peace and tranquility to say the least, because so much more happens during a session of Tameana, since the energy work has an effect on all of the patient’s planes of existence.

Tameana is simple, yet highly effective and uses the power of the triangle, symbols, Pleiadian light language (in some levels), and quartz crystal tips as tools.


There is no need for any previous training or knowledge for Beginners Level Tameana or age minimum for that matter, since there have been children practicing it for quite some time. This level is one-on-one between patient and practitioner.


In advanced levels of Tameana we are introduced to a much more powerful energy and the capacity of working with groups during energetic sessions.


This technique is currently being practiced and taught all around the globe, in countries such as Spain, Bolivia, Norway, Colombia, Ireland, Chile, Australia, Mexico, United States, Argentina and many more.


If you would like to learn Tameana, host a class or book a Tameana session near you, let us know at humanvortexmexico@gmail.com and we will point you to a practitioner near you.

Juan Manuel Giordano

Channeler and Founder of the

Human Vortex Project