mount shasta camping retreat

Join Mohammad Eshtehar and Judith Zavala, for a weekend of powerful energy sessions filled with light codes and activations as we anchor these frequencies unto Gaia. Surrounded by nature, covered by the starry night, and accompanied by the magical energy vortex that is Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is the Root Chakra of our Earth.  Some universal energy is anchored there before it comes to life and spread across the planet. Part of our work there is to connect to this chakra, anchor specific frequencies, send it out to other Earth Chakras and bring balance; balance to the planet, the participants and all of humanity since the Root Chakra is related to finance, stability, and primary survival matters.

Beings of the inner Earth city of Thelos have expressed us their gratitude for our work and have requested we ask participants to set an intention of something they would like to energetically work on, since they will assist us in our personal evolutionary processes. They also said it is clear to them what needs to be transmuted in each of us, but we must help ourselves by moving the energy by first identifying our own needs.

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Price includes 3 small quartz crystals that will be activated during the weekend with these frequencies and you will be able to take home with you. We suggest burying these crystals in your city to form a grid with everyone else’s crystals.

Price: $222 dollars

Children under 16 are free but does not include crystals.


Price does not include: transportation, food and beverage, lodging, camping gear, or anything that is not specified above.

If you do not wish to stay with us at the campsite you can easily book a room in the variety of hotels in the surrounding area...,-122.334958,11z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=es-419


You can arrive to the camping site on your own, or if you wish, you can accompany us on our way there; we leave at 6am from Los Angeles on Friday May 26th. We plan to make a few stops on the way for food and gas, but wish to get to our camping site before dark, since we must set up our tents and camping equipment. Out of schedule activities such as a bonfire or informal meditation may be organized on the spot.

We begin our retreat with our first energy session Saturday morning at 9am and we intend to finish our last session around 6pm Sunday evening, time at which you are free to leave on your own or join the rest of the group on our journey back to L.A. early Monday morning.

We do not have a fixed schedule of how the energy sessions will be organized, because the location and the energy will dictate the timing and manner of each session.

To reserve a spot, since there is a maximum of 20 people attending, please send a $50 dollar initial payment via PayPal in Friends and Family modality to and the remaining amount is payable in cash upon arrival o click here:


Please send us an email to once you have send the payment so we can confirm and send you an email with more detailed information on our trip.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Hope you’ll join us, lot of love!

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